About US


SMI Technology Europe is a manufacturer of Inkjet Media for aqueous and solvent inkjet printing. Our strength and uniqueness is based on over 20 years researching and developing Inkjet-Media coating formulas and techniques.


Although our laboratory and factory is based in South Korea, we have a strong European presence. Our head office and warehouse is based in the UK to provide you with instant support.


We are very aware of the environmental impact of our products.
For this reason we have invested a lot of time in producing inkjet media that are environmentally friendly. You will find that most of our products are made from Polyester (PET), Polypropylene, Paper, and Textile.


Our experience has made it possible to produce the highest and widest range of quality of inkjet media compatible with many large format printers.We are always looking for ways to expand our product range. We now have one of the widest ranges of Sign Fixings (Standoffs) in Europe.


Research and development is a vital part of our business so please take your time and explore the endless possibilities of our innovations.



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